Biology Interactions utilizes a standards aligned curriculum framework to encompass the essential concepts of biological science. The biology curriculum focuses on the core concepts of the Standards Aligned System set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This course is also designed to prepare students for the Biology Keystone Exam. In this Biology course, students will analyze and explain the nature of science in the search for understanding the natural world, as well as practice the application of technology, scientific tools, and critical thought skills in solving problems. Students will focus on the biological structures and their functions at multiple levels of organization in living things, as well as explore the patterns, processes, and systems within biology.

This course emphasizes basic biological principles, chemical basis for life, genetics, classification systems, theory of evolution, study of prokaryotes and viruses, plant diversity, structure, and function. As scientific learners, students will collect and analyze data, interpret results, draw conclusions, and communicate their findings.

The goal for the course is for students to gain a more meaningful understanding of the living world around them, as well as a deeper appreciation of their place in it. This course leads up to the Biology Keystone Exam which is required for graduation.